'Retro Future' - Heirloom Ring

By AHW Studio


A lovely Irish/Filipino couple we had met a few years back at The Rocks Markets over the weekend had struck up a few conversations and ideas about re-doing "...a watch that was my mother's..." - a piece that belonged to the Irish (mother's) side.

We hadn't seen anything about this mentioned watch until (as I remember) their third visit! It was to our surprise, a quartz watch (yes, a battery run timepiece!), and this was actually to begin our very first 'quartz project'. We certainly realise that a sentimental item transcends what the object actually is, but rather, it is about the memory attached... as it would seem to 'not in our theme' to work with a battery watch, but that in itself was the challenge.

In the images, you can see that the tiny movement consisted of a series of details that isn't usually present in a typical quartz watch of today. The copper coil being so prominent, and the 'constellation' of 4 jewels along the main bridge. It is what I believe to be an earlier model made in Japan by Citizen, and perhaps containing more of an aged appeal...

After many conversations, we had agreed on keeping the bezel and outer case, as it possessed the main essence of this watch. We shaved the lugs away, leaving only the 'step' bezel, and had built a ring band to exactly fit this bezel - something we've never done before, and perhaps will very rarely get the chance to do again. Keeping the original glass, it displayed the little electronic engine in its original form, 'floating' in the midst of the case. 

Aaron had completely made this case bespoke to the watch's shape, and the request was to build it in the size of the daughter's index finger. The end result was an 'expired electronic heart, with art deco elegance', beautifully contrasted. An epic passing-down from grandmother to daughter, via the sentiments of the parents!

Thanks :)


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