Gruen Opal - Art Deco Pendant



 Art Deco Swiss-American elegance... with a fiery Australian charm...




- From the German founder Dietrich Gruen, the brand originates from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, whilst all of Gruen's beautifully made engines were from Switzerland. 

- (Side note: There was a connection between Rolex and Gruen, back in this period!)

- Engraved in golden script - 'GRUEN WATCH CO', and 'FIFTEEN JEWELS' (see jewel description below).

- Petite size, fitting for a statement piece, with incredible detail...

- 17mm x 9mm (NOT including bail).

This movement retains its '15 Jewels'. Jewels, in watchmaking, are  bearings inset by the watchmaker to reduce mechanical friction caused by the constant movement of connected components.

- Incredibly vivid Australian Opal doublet, comfortably married in to the piece.


- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history. For keeps! Enjoy! 

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