'July 1953' - Unique Opal Pendant

By AHW Studio


A 'piece-unique', this pendant is reborn from a Legendary Swiss Watch, that has been manufacturing since 1832 - Longines, from St Imier in Switzerland. Possibly made for the U.S. market back in the era of the 'post-war boom', you may begin to imagine the backstory of this watch, back in its heyday... 


This is a one-off piece.



- Serial No: 9993678 - Made in July 1953!

- Engraved in golden script - 'LONGINES WATCH CO'

- Highest level of polishing and Swiss refinement.

- Approx 20mm diameter.

- 17 Jewels (Rubies). Jewels are ruby bearing-points inset by the watchmaker to reduce friction caused by the movement of rotating gears. Each of these top jewels are set in a 'Gold Chaton'a ring of gold that acts as a cushion for the ruby, due to their softness... and of course, how very Swiss...!

- Large Opal Doublet with a vivid colour that encompasses almost the whole spectrum. Mined and cut locally in Australia.



- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history. For keeps! Enjoy! 

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