W. Mills' Chronograph Wristwatch - Heirloom

By AHW Studio


Brought to me almost 2 years ago by lovely repeat customers, this classic 1950's wristwatch was first requested by Mr. W. Mills to be re-made into jewellery. As we had continued the conversation, I found that it was his father's, gifted by his mother, and had worn it for his life. 

Upon opening the case, I had noticed the 'heartbeat' of the mechanism was still there... I then realised it was better off to have this watch serviced, than being worn as an ornamental object! An unexpected surprise for Will, we agreed to have it properly cleaned, oiled, tuned and timed.

It is now worn by Will on a daily basis. 

You may notice the personal engraving at the rear, denoting 1951. 

The intricacies of the movement had to be thoroughly cleaned and adjusted for daily wear, although these old gems won't be as accurate as their modern day, battery-operated counterparts, it is rather a 'sympathetic' appreciation, and sentimental item that adorns the wrist of the family member.

Thank you to Will!


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