About Us

Our Philosophy...

AHW Studio strives for the individual and the story. Drawn from ages past, each piece is a union of olden elegance and our creative process. With bygone watch parts, industrial fragments, raw brass and precious metals, AHW Studio believes in coaxing the aesthetic out from the defunct.

Carving... Cutting...

We are a Family Business

We began manufacturing in the early 2000's in the humble Rocks Markets in Sydney. From there, we've refined our craft and never stopped learning. Years and many lessons later, we find ourselves working out of the sandstone shops along George Street. Onto the next frontier!

Angus, Aaron, Adelaide & Andrew

Appreciating History...

This reimagining of the old world redefines the genre and presents it into the modern era with a fresh appreciation of how it all came to be.

At the heart of our work, our biggest value is how we all came to be. We list down the origin of every single piece we make and sell. There is an ocean beneath the surface. Everything changes once you go deeper.

All you have to do is look!

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