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An official mark struck onto your jewellery to certify its metal content.



The Bread & Butter

Sterling Silver 925, the hearty staple of all jewellery lovers. The '925' hallmark signifies it's 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The reason for this is Fine Silver, which is 99.9% pure silver, would be far too soft to wear as jewellery. Silver is alloyed with copper to increase its hardness and strength.

Most of our jewellery is made from trusty 925 Silver.

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9K GOLD 375

The Gold Standard

Where do we start with Gold? Gold runs the world. Gold is made up of 24 Karats, and this is known as Pure Gold. It's far too soft to be worn as jewellery, so it's alloyed with copper, silver, or palladium, to boost its durability. The '375' or '9 Karats' means it's 37.5% pure gold, and the rest is other metals.

We make a lot of our signet rings with 9K Gold, as it's hard-wearing. It holds up in the long run, and also keeps the price friendly!

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14K GOLD 585

Rose. White. Yellow.

Coming up from 9K Gold, we have 14K Gold, which is 58.5% pure gold. Gold can actually be alloyed with different metals, to produce different colours. For example, Rose Gold is mixed with more copper, to give it a rosy, pinkish hue. White Gold is alloyed with silver & palladium, and Yellow Gold is silver and copper together!

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18K GOLD 750

Dragon Sickness

As the name suggests, 18K Gold is 75% pure gold. It's beautifully yellow, and has enchanted humanity since our origin. Did you know the earliest recorded metal employed by humans appears to be gold?

We reserve 18K Gold for our Engagement Rings, to produce the utmost warmth and colour in your lifetime ring!

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Made To Inherit

A noble metal, Platinum 950 is 95% platinum and 5% iridium. It's hard, resistant to chemicals and acids, and much rarer than gold. It's also more expensive! But you get what you pay for. In 1899, the standard, international prototype metre (measurement) was established and made from a bar of Platinum 900.

Platinum is kept aside for our customers who want to go above and beyond on their piece of jewellery, and we use it exclusively in our Wedding rings.

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Adelaide Huan Wang

Our very own brand stamp, consisting of our name 'AHW'. AHW is our mother's initials, as she was the one who began this venture many years ago. Her full name is Adelaide Huan Wang.


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