By AHW Studio


COPPERBACK is easy. He's no fuss to wear. He gets the job done, and likes to keep it simple. He'll sit on your finger for years to come, and his secret is he's hard to let go.


- The ring is crafted out of solid Phosphorous Bronze.

- 17 mm top face diameter, including bezel.

- The ring is highly polished, with a smooth and snug fit.

- Set within is a circular Russian movement, circulated prominently in the 1960's, and fitted with a standard 17 ruby jewel system. Jewels are ruby bearing-points inset by the watchmaker to reduce friction caused by the movement of rotating gears. 



- In our Ring range, the same watch mechanism will be used, and will only vary ever so slightly between each unique piece. 

- Ring sizes are custom made to your order, please mention on checkout if your size isn't listed! Please allow 1-4 working days for us to hand-make your ring, although if urgent feel free to send us a message, we are happy to put your order in front.

- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history.

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