Create your own.



The Bespoke Process

Unconventional methods make for unconventional pieces.

An idea is all it takes. Dream it into reality.

9ct White Gold w/ Amethyst

Flewitt's Ring

9ct Gold Signet Ring

Ali's Triskelion

9ct Heavyweight Oxford Signet Ring

Nathan's Aquamarines

You create it. We make it.

We handcraft pieces in a bespoke process beginning from the original concept all the way to the finished metal piece.

We work in Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

9ct White Gold & Moissanites

Crescent Moon

9ct Gold & Emerald

James's Signet

How to begin?

It all begins with speaking to us. Send us an email or book an appointment at our Strand Arcade boutique.

We'll go through your design with you and you'll receive a quote within 24 hours.

We would love to make your piece!

925 Sterling Silver Crest Signet

Dixon's Crest

9ct Heavyweight Gold Crest Signet

Granville's Crest

14ct Gold Mechanical Pendant

Mark's Hex

9ct Golden Lions

Benjamin & Julianne

18ct White Gold Diamond Cocktail Ring

Frances's Six Stone

925 Silver Rotary Engine Pendant

Lee's Rotary

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